Up close and personal.

Obtain witness statements from any location, at any time, using Absolute’s pioneering e-witness technology.

Utilising the latest web RTC technology, e-witness delivers market-leading innovation through our bespoke online-video portal. Empowering investigators to obtain witness testimonies remotely, securely and cost-efficiently.

The digital portal reduces the massive financial burden of dispatching investigators and translators to conduct interviews in person and provides enhanced convenience for the witness, who is able to choose a time and location that suits them.

Facilitating insurers, police and other organisations to provide timely and efficient solutions to clients, whilst reducing the costs of servicing and administration.

Fairer, faster, cheaper. Witness statements with clarity and clout.

With its advanced ‘bookmarking’ functionality, the platform enables investigators to tag specific sections of the witness testimony, highlighting key words and content to enable quick and easy reference in the future.

For Insurers

With many claimants disputing liability, there can be many varying accounts of the same incident and the cost of obtaining witness testimonies often proves hugely disproportionate to the value they achieve — especially when less than 1% of written statements ever get used in court.

Fast and efficient

This versatile, web-based solution enables insurers to obtain statements quickly and efficiently — accelerating the investigative process, by reducing logistical burdens such as scheduling, travel time and paper-trail admin.

User convenience

Witnesses can simply arrange a convenient interview slot, during which the investigator takes them through a pre-defined set of questions, ensuring that the full context and detail around an event are uncovered.

Cloud-based storage

The digital statement is processed immediately and stored in the cloud, enabling instant access at a later date. Reducing — and often eliminating — the requirement for witnesses to repeat their account throughout the investigation.

e-witness is offered as a service provided by Absolute’s in-house investigative team or as a comprehensive off-the-shelf product, ready for instant administration in your own organisation.

For Police

With the increasing budgetary restraints faced by modern police forces, the cost of obtaining witness testimonies proves a significant financial commitment. In smaller cases, the commercial limitations can even mean the difference between witness statements being taken at all.

Instant connection

e-witness reduces the requirement for officers and resources to be deployed in person, enabling the public to connect directly with police personnel via secure video link at any time of the day or night. Statements are recorded and processed without delay, being stored safely as evidence.

Total convenience

For rural areas, the digital technology empowers police forces to engage with witnesses quickly and conveniently, without the cost or logistical hassles of having to travel to remote locations.

Breaking boundaries

For larger forces, e-witness provides a definitive solution to the challenge of contacting witnesses in both city and rural areas — as well as transitory witnesses, from all over the country and even abroad.

Additionally, for non-English speaking witnesses, translation costs can also be moderated by having the relevant language professional/s on the video call in real-time.

Witness convenience

For witnesses, the technology provides a platform to tell their story and be reassured that they are being listened to. It enables their statement to be recorded as evidence, without delay and without having to recount the same event over and over.