The value of certainty.

Corporate intelligence. Comprehensive due diligence. Pre-employment screening and key personnel checks.

Manage the inevitable risks associated with the on-boarding of new staff, associates and business partners, with our cost-effective screening package.

A thorough and systematic approach to corporate and employment screening. Arming organisations with the full facts needed, in order to make confident decisions.

Our pioneering technologies are underpinned and enhanced by the intuition and experience of our exceptional people, who conduct every investigation with a steadfast dedication and meticulous attention to detail.

Along with open data sources, Absolute utilises an internal data lake with over 20 years of digital storage that is continually enhanced by external sources such as Crimestoppers and law enforcement — maintaining a rich and accurate data archive, for the most advanced screening results.

Due Diligence

The profile of money laundering and organised commercial fraud has grown exponentially in recent years, making the risks to modern businesses ever-more aggressive and imminent.

To counter and eliminate these threats, Absolute offers an extensive package of international due diligence checks that can be tailored to fulfil any specific requirements.

Our comprehensive solution covers the full breadth of due diligence; from baseline credential checks to enhanced ‘deep dive’ enquiries. Uncovering hidden details and validating the truth.

Using Open Source Intelligence from the public domain, along with our bespoke databases and consented searches, a devoted team of experts apply years of first-hand experience to establish the facts and expose potential threats.

Key Personnel Screening

For companies wishing to hire new employees or contractors, a pre-employment screening programme can minimise risks around theft, misappropriation, criminal activity or violence in the workplace.

By validating personal declarations prior to employment, our discreet screening procedures enable companies to ensure that they are hiring the right people — using fair, thorough and cost-effective measures.

From address and ID validation, to financial checks and enhanced ‘deep web’ enquiries. Our pre-screening service covers the full scope of personnel verification, helping businesses to avoid the hassle and expense of dismissing an inappropriate employee — and minimising the chances of negligent-hiring lawsuits.