(Absolute Vehicle Application)
A definitive catalogue of every car in the UK.

Absolute’s Vehicle Application delivers a dynamic data resource, detailing the unique identity and history of each car in existence — including every new vehicle off the production line.

The information database is continually updated throughout the lifetime of a vehicle; populated and enriched with information from open resources such as auction websites and social media, along with external data enrichment from insurers and police.

The cataloguing tool covers a breadth of key information, including: owner, what the vehicle looks like (with photographs), its full history (including incidents and modifications) as well as a mobile number for its current/previous owner.

A tool for insurers

AVA enables insurers to check that they are covering a legitimate, legal vehicle — with declared modifications, history and ownership. Guaranteeing that they are insuring a road-worthy vehicle, with the correct credentials as disclosed.

A tool for police

A tool that empowers police with a definitive record of cars, when investigating stolen vehicles and organised crime. Police also deliver valuable data updates – supplying details of stolen vehicles and other criminal activity.