Absolute Partnership

The ultimate authority on fraud and risk management.

A team of forward-thinking, globally innovating experts. Defining the roadmap for combatting and preventing fraud in the UK and around the world.

With the rapid evolution of technology, the changing face of fraud can be hard to identify. Our innovative strategies are continuously tailored to confront and combat the ever-expansive network of fraudsters and security threats.

Using our unique set of investigative services and technologies, we work in close partnership with your organisation to prevent, mitigate and eliminate fraud.

Driving dynamic outcomes through practitioner-led strategies that combine expert intuition with advanced data-science.

Delivering a complete view of risk in your organisation — and arming you with the tools to shut it down.

Training and Consultancy

Alongside our digital products, we provide specialist training and consultancy for the purposes of fraud prevention, detection and mitigation.

By sharing the benefits of our experience, our expert team impart the key skills and specialist knowledge that are needed to empower your very own in-house fraud experts.

The main areas covered in our training courses are:

  • Data Security and Data Protection
  • Counter Fraud and Cyber-crime
  • Open Source Intelligence and Internet Investigations

To learn more about the training and consultancy services we provide, contact our team.

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